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Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology is a multiple campus public college located in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario. Seneca College had a desire to incorporate Indigenous themes and engage the Indigenous community in the development of their new facility. Seneca College initiated a search for an Ontario based Indigenous artist and through a rigorous selection process engaged Joseph Sagaj, a member of the Neskantaga First Nation, to create the artwork. Because of the tight timeline and the desire to have a highly durable installation that would last the life of the building and successfully translate the Artist, Joseph Sagai’s vision translated onto the floor, Terrazzo was identified as the best flooring product to get the colour rendition and durability needed. Franklin Terrazzo Company Inc. worked closely with Joseph Sagai to ensure he can be confident that his work can be translated in the floor accurately. Franklin was challenged to provide multiple colour samples to ensure the integrity of the Artist vision was met. The structural slab had a 3 inch depression where the 800 square foot Terrazzo Medallion was to be Installed.  Franklin Terrazzo Company Inc.  installed a 2 ½ inch conventional sand and cement underbed.  After a 7day cure period a Moisture Mitigation Membrane Treatment was applied followed by a Full Coverage Fiber Reinforced Crack Isolation Membrane.  The Terrazzo Floor was polished to a 400 grit finish and 3M Floor Finish was applied. The complex aluminum Divider Strip pattern/design was installed.  22 vibrant colours ranging in the reds, blues, greens, yellow and black and white.  Polar White Glass, Clear Glass, Mirror and Marble Chips where used to create this intricate work of art. The Turtles eye is made of 1 piece of mirror 1 inch in diameter which results in the appearance that they are looking at you from all directions.

Architect: Perkins and Will
Artist: Joseph Sagaj
GC: EllisDon
Contractor: Franklin Terrazzo

Seneca College

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