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How We Do It

Ever wonder how we create such stunning terrazzo? These time lapse videos will give you a glimpse into Franklin Terrazzo Company Inc.'s terrazzo art installation process.


Terrazzo's long history has always involved an element of design. With today's use of epoxy the possibilities are endless. Countless combinations of custom coloured matrix with quarts, marble, mother of pearl, glass, and recycled materials are used in conjunction with divider strips to produce terrazzo art. Franklin Terrazzo Company Inc. works with artists and architects to bring their artistic visions to fruition. 


Precast Terrazzo

Precast terrazzo is a seamless and elegant option to continue the aesthetic of a project on a variety of surfaces. The versatility of terrazzo allows us to produce intricate custom designs from floor to ceiling. Franklin Precast Inc. is equipped to produce self supporting treads, tread riser units, countertops, integrated sinks, benches, panels, tiles, cove base, comuln wraps and



Terrazzo is a craft over 500 years old that is still in use today. Though it's use throughout history has evolved, it has maintained its appeal and functionality. What started as a way to create something beautiful out of marble remnants is still used as a sustainable option for recycling and contribute to LEED Certifications. 

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